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Active storage is a layer inside of rails that helps you connect with cloud services like AWS. Its also connects to other providers like Azure and Google cloud. You can use it to run tasks as well, but in this guide, I will focus on uploading a file to s3 and displaying it inside your rails app.

Note: Have you thought about the environmental impact of the servers you use? Check out this link to look at the environmental impact of the cloud servers you use.

In order to use Active Storage, you will need to set up a database. ActiveStorage should be installed with rails. You can use the rake task bin/rails active_storage:install to generate some migrations that you can run on your database. Run these with bin/rails db:migrate. This will create two tables, active_storage_blobs and active_storage_attachments where the file information and attachments are stored. …

One thing that has recently puzzled me with my discoveries of the Yii PHP framework is to do with how authentication rules work. (In particular RBAC)

I have been recently working on a big project for work that is quite complex with quite a few different systems that are all connected to each other. It also supports different devices, like the iPad and the iPhone. For this app it is important to restrict a user to a particular set of assets (that they create) and share these with other users in their company. …

I have recently stumbled on some really awesome tools, Code Igniter and Netbeans IDE for PHP development. I’ve used eclipse for Java development through uni and found it really great. After finishing that I found that using eclipse for PHP just was too slow and didn’t have the right tools for the job.

I used dreamweaver for a while but then stumbled on Netbeans and I am really amazed at how it works and so well. …


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